Directors Bay

This dive site is located on the Caracas Bay peninsula, a small land tongue between the Spanish water and the Caribbean Sea. Formerly owned by the “Shell”, the beach was private property of the Director. Nowadays the only thing that remains is the name!

Being one of the most idyllic beaches of the island, the diving here never disappoints you, an easy entry provides access to a healthy reef on a steep slope. When diving towards the east, a huge wall starting at 5 meters and going all the way down to 35 meters, will provide even the most experienced divers a feeling of awe. Also, snorkelers will find this a very attractive spot featuring a shallow plateau. Book an awesome dive trip here.


Probably the most famous dive site on Curacao, as it is loved by divers and snorkelers. Located on the sheltered eastside of Caracasbaai, it got its name because of a little wreck which lays at about 5 meters of depth.

Entering from the beach is easy and is great to start your dive swimming through the remains of old pillars or even better under the pier where you will find yourself in an aquarium. The drop-off is at some points a vertical straight wall and the shape of the wall is constant shifting. Usually almost no current, great visibility and big schools of fish hang around the little tugboat. The site is famous for finding all the diversity of marine species which are found on Curaçao. Simply one of the greatest dives on our island.

Double Reef

Double reef might be one of the best hidden dive sites of the Island, located behind the former water factory. Being patient and waiting for a nice day might be a good idea. However when it is accessible it offers abundant aquatic life, big coral formations and a very interesting underwater landscape. Descending on the first reef revealing the second reef in the distance. The second reef stands on a plateau about thirty meters deep but the shallowest and most beautiful part is about 15 meters deep. Being all around surrounded by the bluest blue and large shoals of fish, the freedom of scuba diving is even greater! For the best experience taking a guide on this dive is highly recommended!

Superior Producer

Simply the Best wreck dive on Curacao, maybe even the best dive side? In December 1977 being overloaded with Christmas gifts, while a storm broke loose, tha cargo started shifting and started sinking. This 60 meter + cargo ship now sits perfectly upright at a depth of 100ft/30m with easily accessible cargo holds and bridge. After more than 30 years in this spot, this wreck is covered with a variety of corals, orange cup and tube sponges are surrounded by barracudas and tarpons. Since the wreck is in front of the Cruise ship Mega pier, you can only dive when there are no cruise ships. This is a great but deep dive, so experience diving with us and an Advanced OWD certification is required. Click here to explore this great wreck.


When you go diving at Eastpoint you are going to dive at the most beautiful and most pristine spots on curacao. Already at the surface when you put your head underwater you can see it is a true wonderland down here! The reef often already starts pretty shallow at around 5meters/15feet. Diving here can be very overwhelming! Not only the abundancy of fish but the reef is so clean and healthy, your eyes will be having trouble where to look. Curacao is not known for its big fish, but if you want to see some big stuff, this is where you need to be. But believe us that when you dive here you don’t need all that. The huge Sponges, Fans, big coral structures and immense Brain corals make it all worth it. Check here for diving options

Car Pile

Since there was not much enviornmental awareness decades ago, it was considered no big deal to drop your construction waste into the ocean. Although this is morally reprehensible, these action made what now is called 'The Car Pile'. An easy access from the beach leads to a florishing shallow reef stage with a great variety of corals and critters. At one point a big iron beam emerges from the depth  and you will find an alien landscape of scrapheap, different parts of cars and trucks, a big pontoon and does that look like a ship? Nowadays all is overgrown with coral but due to all these unnatural formes and man made structures it is a dive that you have never experienced before.This reef is also great for a night dive.

Blue Bay The Wall

Located on the at Blue Bay Beach, The Wall is one of the best 'Wall' dives on Curacao. The reef is part the cliff, rising from the sea next to the golf course. The shallow reef starts at 4 meters and drops down further than the eye can see which makes it perfect for shallow and deep dives. It has a reputation of turtles, seahorses and frogfish but even without these unusual suspects you will have hours and hours to explore this great reef. Blue Bay, the perfect place for for instance a Refresh Dive

Playa Piscado

Welcome to one of the most extra ordinairy dive sites on the island. The dive site is located near a small local fishermans beach where they clean their fish and leftovers end up in the ocean. Turtles are not carnivors but here they learned to gain from this easy meal and now gather with dozens. Besides the presence of these wonderful turtles you can enjoy a vast shallow sandy plateau wich will guide you to the drop off. Make sure you look around because here Neuptune the God of the Sea is keeping an eye on you. Besides the green trutles, sea horses, flying gurnards and loads of eels accompany Neptune to make this an astonishing dive site.Check out one of our best tours!

Marie Pampoen

A dive site located so close to the city is often considered to offer less attractive aquatic life but go see for yourself and be amazed! This dive site offers an easy entry and exit, good facilities and a local feeling. Wooden fishing boats add a Caribbean flavor to this location.

Underwater the dive site has a lot to offer, a wonderful coral reef, big finger coral colonies and a lot of wildlife. Diving towards the east, the dive slowly turns into a wreck dive, offering a pile of old steel, pontoons and cars, completely overgrown with corals, this attracts its own specific set of wildlife.

Playa Kalki / Alice in Wonderland

A magnificent dive site located in westpunt at the white shores of Playa Kalki. The name Kalki is derived from the local “Papiamentu” word for white coral rock and limestone. After Walking down a wonderful beach the true beauty of the underwater world is revealed. The coral reef boasts huge coral formations and abundant wildlife, one of its most common inhabitants is the Lettuce Sea Slug. Where normally you will find green and white types, in this wonderland they are bright purple and pink. Being one of the most famous sites to dive in entire Curacao this spot never lets you down! A drift line in the water prevents boats from coming close to the beach and creates a safe haven for snorkelers.We also have options for snorkeling here.


In the heart of the Jan Thiel Area you can find one of the well hidden treasures. Close to our Dive shop this is almost our house reef and you can discover a stunning sloping wall. Fish like Spotted drums, Turtles and squids are all to be found here in abundance even this close. An entry with dive booties is not needed and you can start your descent just a couple of meters from shore. As you follow a large and shallow plateau you will find a beautiful drop-off filled with gorgeous purple vase sponges, giant sea fans, and even Elkhorn - and Staghorn corals. Choosing between a relaxing shallow west side of the bay or the more challenging east side, you will be amazed again by Curaçao’s underwater natural wonders. Book your dive right here.

Blue Bay The Garden

The Garden is located on Blue Bays East side of the beach. The simple entry from the pure fine sand beach makes this perfect for beginning divers, also visibilty is great, almost no current and it has an average temperature of 28 degrees. The slopestyle reef, starting from 5 meters (15 feet) all the way to 35 meters (115 ft) is a great spot for everyone. If you keep your eyes open even in 3 meters of water between the big rocks next to the beach you can often find octopus, big green moray eels and shrimps.

Beacon Point

Although this is one of the best dive sites on Curacao, this is not the faint hearted. Situated below the steep cliffs of the Caracasbaai getting there is already an adventure. To get to the actual entry point you half to take a 10 minute walk over sharp rocks but you can enjoy one of the best view point on the island. Since this dive site is hard to reach, the reef is in top condition. A shallow plateau filled with lush seafans and big elkhorn corals will lead you to a dramatic drop off where ripping currents can be present. Due to this fact overall you will be surrounded by big schools of fish and if you are lucky you will swim along with Tarpons, Eagle Rays and Horse eye jacks. Make sure you enjoy because after the dive you will have to make the climb back up!

Porto Marie

Being one of the best dive sites towards the west side of the island, “Porto Mari” attracts a lot of divers from all over the world.

This site offers a reef also referred to as “The Valley”, it can best be described as a double reef. Offering a pristine white sandy plateau with the occasional turtle or eagle ray, a shallow reef ball, coral restoration project and a deeper second reef reaching all the way down to the limits of recreational diving, this dive site may offer something for everyone! Once badly damaged in Hurricane Lenny most of its former glory is restored! Never a dull day at this dive site….

Your Choice

Since we are very flexible as a dive center, we do not follow a set schedule of dive sites every week. Every dive we decide where to go depending on conditions, our guests and experience. Do you want to go to a specific dive site or dive somewhere where you have not been before, let us know and lets dive there!

You can read all about the dive sites above but for more information about the island, dive gear, local tips and blogs about diving visit our dive network website Dive Division, Caribbean Dive Network