Curacao, a hiddem gem in the Southern Caribbean

Curacao is located in the Southern Caribbean, ouside the hurricane belt, about 40 miles north of Venezuela. Curacao is an autonomous country within the Royal Dutch Kingdom along with our sister islands: Aruba in the West and Boniare in the East. Due to its history, Curacao is multi cultural melting pot which means this is not just your tipical Caribbean island.

This is reflected in languages spoken, the local kitchen and even art. The languages wide spoken on Curacao are Papiamentu (local language, which is a mixture of Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, English and native creole languages) Dutch, English and Spanish.

The local kitchen consists of fresh fish, prime cuts of meat and a great variety of local vegetables and fruits. Make sure you are able to enjoy all this great food by starting with a Caribbean Pumpkin soup, followed by a freshly caught 'Dradu', let your taste buts explode with a 'lomito' from the bbq and then simply top it off with 'Bolo di Kashupete'.



The historic town of Willemstad is an Unesco World Heritage site and is easy to experience by wandering the old centre and appreciate the many colorful historic buildings and interesting museums. Curacao is famous for its brightly colored houses which were derived in the early 1900's by the former Governor who ordered that all buildings needed te be painted in different brigh colors. During your stroll along the Punda and Otrobanda area make sure you visit the slave museam Kura Hulanda, the over 280 years old synagogue or the Curacao Maritime Museum. 


Weather, water, beaches


With all year round sunny weather and a nice breeze, Curacao is the prefect destination for your next holiday. The average temparature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 Celcius, the water temperature is on average 82 Fahrenheit or 27 Celcius which makes diving, snorkeling and all watersports just more than convenient. Curacao has over 35 beaches scattered all along the South side of the island, some have basic facilities and are free to enter, others offer shops, restaurants, beach activities etc and you will have to pay a small fee. One of the best beaches of Curacao is located on the small island 'Klein Curacao' and there are several charters offering daytrips to this stunning 'bounty' like unhabited island. Contact us if you are interested.


Diving & Snorkeling

Curacao has over 60 dive sites which makes it a world class diving destination. Wether you want to go diving for the first time or planning a full week of diving, Curacao has everything to offer. Start your diving experience in warm water, with great visibility (over 25m) and hardly even currents. Most dives are shore dives, you simply walk in the water from shore and start your dive, long boat rides are not necessary. Therefore Curacao is also great for snorkeling with good visibility and no waves basically jump in the water and start your underwater adventure. Book here your diving trip!


Wildlife and National parks

If you are more interested in the beauty of Curacao above the water you will have a range of posibilities. In the West you are able to climb about the highest point of the kingdom of the Netherlands, Christoffel Mountain. This 372 m or 1200 feet high 'mountain' can be climbed by entering the National Park. Make sure you bring lots of water to cool and start climbing early (before 10.00 AM) because it will get very hot. Furthermore to the West you will find National Park Shete Boca, which offers beautifull scenery of the rough North coast and its little boca's. Keep your eyes open because this is a good place to spot sea turtles! Last but not least make your way to one of the salt flats and encounter the 'Chogogo' or Flamingo. Join us for a full daytrip, snorkel with turtles, explore the island, Feel it for yourself!



During the day Curacao has a lot to offer but do not think this is over when the sun sets. Famous are the many different happy hours where you can sip your ice cold Amstel Bright while dreaming away during one the live music sessions held every day. Do you want to experience the sunset the best way possible, then one of the sunset cruises is perfect for some drinks, snacks and idyllic experience to end yet another perfect day on Curacao.


Jan Thiel Area

Jan Thiel Beach is the perfect area where Sun, beach, the Caribbean Sea, shopping, dining and even a casino meet. Live music, BBQ on the Beach, a salt water pool, Famous Saturday Happy Hour, fresh pizza, beach tennis everything you need can be found here. If this is all a little to crowded for you the Caracasbaai area is a 10 minute walk and here you will find a more typical Curacao and rural expereince.


Wether you are looking for watersport activities, roam the historic center of Willemstad, enjoy one of the 35+ beaches, explore the island by car, Curacao has everything and combines city, rural and watersport live like no other island.